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UX Design Edge is thrilled to be a sponsor of the first ever UX Burlington conference on June 12, 2015. We are a user experience design training and consulting company for mobile, web, and desktop applications. We are based in Vermont, but our clientele is global.

Everett McKay presenting at ISA14
Why so serious? Everett McKay presenting “Designing for Trust and Confidence” at Interaction 14, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our specialty is to help software professionals create great user experiences, using tools, techniques, and principles that are practical with limited time, money, and design talent. Here is a testimonial from a recent customer:

My company contracted with Everett for the onsite UX Design Essentials Workshop and followup consulting to assist with an application redesign project. The workshop and followup consulting were extremely effective and from a company perspective the ROI was off the charts. Everett provided a key advisory role and worked directly with our project team. His involvement had a huge impact on the success of our project. We are very pleased with the effort and final outcome and we will be using Everett’s design principles and services on all future projects.

Greg Ungemach
MedPro Systems

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UX Burlington Specials!

33% off UX Design Essentials Burlington

UX Design Essentials is a public three-day class that will give you the essentials you need to design great user experiences. This class is targeted at software professionals who aren’t experienced designers. Our next class in Burlington will be on October 12 – 14.
UX Burlington attendees will receive a 33% discount. For more information and to register, check https://uxde-btv.eventbrite.com.

50% off UX Design Essentials Workshop

UX Design Essentials Workshop is an onsite three-day workshop to train your entire team (up to 20) for a low fixed cost. The workshop exercises are customized to use your projects, so you get to apply the material hands-on directly to the projects you care about.
Vermont-based UX Burlington attendees can host a workshop at their company with a 50% discount. For more information and to register, check http://uxdesignworkshop.com.
Offer expires June 30, 2015.

50% off your first design review, makeover, or consultation

Does your UI need a makeover? Would you like to have an agenda-free, neutral expert drive your next design review? Want to vet your UX plans for your next project? Leverage our expertise to get on the right UX path.
Vermont-based UX Burlington attendees can hire us for a design consultation with a 50% discount. For more information and to get started, check http://ux-experts.com.
Offer expires June 30, 2015.

25% off UX Design for Founders Workshop

Many people believe that the key to success in founding a company is solve an important problem, but that is old thinking. Today’s markets require a solution that delivers excellent value, with a great user experience. UX Design for Founders Workshop is an onsite one-day workshop to train your team (up to 5) on how to set your product’s user experience in the right direction.
Vermont-based UX Burlington attendees can host a workshop at their company for only $750 (a 25% discount.) For more information and to register, contact Everett McKay.

Have a great conference!

Everett McKay
Principal, UX Design Edge

For more information, please contact info@uxdesignedge.com

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