• UX Design Training Online

    You want to improve your UX design skills, but a live class isn’t practical and UX conferences don’t have what you need. There’s plenty of free classes on the web, but of course you get what you pay for. You need online courses that are short, practical, insightful, and engaging.

  • Effective Scenarios class

    Great design satisfies users and their goals. In this class, you will learn to create practical scenarios and apply them when making decisions. You will see several examples—both good and bad—and fix the bad ones. The class ends with an exercise that uses scenarios to evaluate a design.

  • Effective Personas class

    UCD puts users in the heart of the process. In this class, you will learn to create practical personas and apply them when making decisions. You will see several examples—both good and bad—and fix the bad ones. The class ends with an exercise that uses personas to evaluate a design.

  • Intuitive UI class

    An intuitive UI is a goal for every project, yet few people understand what it means. In this class, you will learn the definition and attributes of intuitive UI, when it makes sense to be unintuitive, plus two ways to evaluate your designs for intuitiveness.

  • Effective Design Reviews

    The traditional design review process is mostly a waste of time. In this class, you will learn the attributes of effective reviews, how to set appropriate goals and how to achieve them, plus tips on giving and receiving effective feedback. The class ends with a design review exercise.

UX Design Edge is pleased to add on-demand courses to our UX design training lineup. Each on-demand course focuses on a single important UX design topic in depth, for about an hour. They are professionally produced by a company that specializes in online training, and very attractively priced. And since they are on-demand, you can enjoy them at your own pace. Their only prerequisite is a desire to learn or improve your understanding of an important design concept, tool, or technique.

What people are saying

  • I couldn’t help but talking about everything I learned the moment I walked into my office this morning with my fellow interaction designers.
  • Amazing class! Drastically changed what I thought I knew about UI.
  • Answered the ambitious question with not only what an intuitive UI is, but how you can create one.
  • Changed the perspective on looking at the UI… very good session.
  • I learned a lot, and your talk has already helped me with a program I am writing.
  • Enjoyed the better codification of determining “intuitive” than what I’ve come up with over the years and the tools to help get buy-in from others.
  • Really enjoyed this class. Gave me a better understanding of UI. Everett was great!
  • Great class from Everett McKay on design reviews. I learnt something new!
  • Gave me a different perspective on UI design and reinforced thoughts I’ve had about the process. Thank you!

A virtual class on UX should have a great user experience itself, so here is my approach:

  • Know your subject I will be presenting tools and techniques that I have 10+ years of experience using, plus 5+ years experience teaching. I know my stuff!
  • Say something insightful When I take a class, I want to learn something insightful so that I have a better understanding of the subject. The basic mechanics aren’t good enough. For example, with Effective Personas, you will learn what personas are and how to use them, but most importantly, you will learn why most persona efforts fail and how to make them successful.
  • Get to the point Without a doubt, the most common webinar mistake is to go on and on about introductory material that nobody cares about. Instead, I will get right down to business.
  • Keep it practical Practical examples help keep things real. If I know you can’t use it or most likely won’t use it, I won’t mention it. The impractical bores me!
  • Involve the participants I believe your participation is crucial for a successful, engaging class. Each class will have group discussions and at least one exercise. You will have the opportunity to participate in fun, practical ways.
  • Keep it short and engaging In a virtual class, if you are bored, you are done. I value your time, so I will spend just enough time to cover the subject well without feeling rushed.
  • Make it fun! We will have some fun discussions and do some makeovers. I want you to enjoy the experience and leave with a smile.

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