• workshop

    UX Design Essentials Workshop

    A fast paced, two-day or three-day workshop—targeted specifically at people who aren’t experienced designers—where you apply what you learn directly to your app or site.

  • user-centered

    User-centered design

    Learn a user-centered, scenario-based design process to make good design decisions quickly and confidently.

  • Intuitive

    Make it intuitive

    Learn what “intuitive” really means, so that you can make your product easier to understand and use.

  • Simple

    Make it simple

    Learn the secret to simplicity, to address the biggest challenge most inexperienced designers have.

  • Usability

    Usability testing

    Learn how to plan, design, and perform a usability test to better understand how people really use your product.

  • Learn by doing

    Learn by doing

    Best of all, “learn by doing” by applying what you learn directly to your app or site.


February special

Free design review Hold an onsite workshop in February or March and get a free two-hour design review.

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I take a UX Design Essentials Workshop and I totally get it.

Learn UX design “by doing” in this fast paced, two-day or three-day workshop—targeted specifically at people who aren’t experienced designers—will give you the practical essentials you need to improve your UI design skills.

If you are a “hands on” learner who wants to learn UX design by doing instead of by lecture, this workshop is for you.

The workshop focuses on these practical essentials:

  • Using an efficient, user-centered design process
  • Making a design intuitive, simple, and delightful
  • Designing tasks, task flows, and pages
  • Evaluating designs, giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Performing informal usability studies

Three-day format

Day 1 (8:30 am – 5:00 pm)

Part 1: Why user experience matters

Part 2: Use a good design process

  • Basic design process
  • The classic process mistakes
  • Designing for users
  • Framing to be user centered
  • Brainstorming

Part 3: Make it user centered

  • Value propositions
  • Scenarios
  • Personas
  • Branding
  • Using data

Day 2 (8:30 am – 5:00 pm)

Part 4: Design concepts

  • Design principles
  • UI guidelines
  • UI is Communication
  • Intuitive UI
  • Simplicity
  • Personality, tone, and respect
  • Make it look great

Part 5: UI elements

  • Controls
  • UI text
  • Inductive UI
  • Navigation

Part 6: Sketching and prototyping

  • Effective sketching and prototyping

Day 3 (8:30 am – 5:00 pm)

Part 7: UI composition

  • Task and data decomposition
  • Task flows
  • Page design
  • Layout
  • Design for scanning

Part 8: Top scenario design

Part 9: Evaluation

  • Evaluation techniques
  • Preparing a usability study
  • Performing a usability study
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Workshop wrap up

Two-day format

Day 1 (8:30 am – 5:15 pm)

Part 1: Why user experience matters

Part 2: Use a good design process

  • Basic design process
  • Classic process mistakes
  • Designing for users
  • Framing to be user centered
  • Brainstorming
  • Value propositions
  • Scenarios
  • Personas
  • Using data
  • Prototyping

Part 3: Design concepts

  • Design principles
  • UI is communication
  • Intuitive UI
  • Simplicity
  • Personality, tone, and respect
  • Make it look great

Day 2 (8:30 am – 5:15 pm)

Part 4: UI elements

  • Controls
  • UI text
  • Inductive UI
  • Navigation

Part 5: UI composition

  • Task and data decomposition
  • Task flows
  • Page design
  • Layout
  • Design for scanning

Part 6: Top scenario design

Part 7: Evaluation

  • Evaluation techniques
  • Preparing a usability study
  • Performing a usability study
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Workshop wrap up

Our ultimate goal is to help your team make better design decisions more quickly and confidently—even if your team lacks design talent or the time and resources traditionally required. While most people believe that UX design is a personal, subjective art, we believe it is ultimately an objective, principled form of human communication. Focusing on effective communication eliminates much of the subjectivity and personal opinion, along with reducing the need for user research and user testing.

While there is no one right way to learn how to design a great user experience, here’s our approach:

Experience and expertise: Everett McKay instructs all UX Design Edge workshops. You are hiring the expert, not the associate or substitute teacher. Everett has 30+ years software development experience, 25+ years of UX design experience, and 8+ of UX design training experience. Currently, Everett instructs over 20 workshops and classes a year to an international audience. (In addition to USA and Canada, Everett has given workshops in the UK, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Turkey, India, China, Argentina, and South Africa.)

Train your whole team—”hands on”, with your projects: Your team will know how to apply the tools and techniques from the workshop to its projects because all the exercises are customized to use them. And the onsite workshop has a low fixed cost, so you can train your entire team according to your schedule. This approach has the most potential for impact—by far!

Top goals: Learn an efficient, practical, user-centered design process to help you make good design decisions quickly and confidently. Learn how to make designs that are intuitive, simple, delightful, and easy to navigate. Learn how to give and receive effective feedback.

Flexibility: Does your team have specific challenges or design training needs? Not a problem! We will customize the course content, exercises, and schedules to meet your needs. We are able to handle most requests at no additional cost.

Design process, avoiding the classic mistakes: Understand why smart people who are experts with technology create poor UI designs. Learn to avoid the classic mistakes that everyone tends to make. Have a clear understanding of why design goals are important and when they are worth the investment.

Effective communication: Many design decisions ultimately boil down to communicating to your target users effectively. This is true for both interaction and visual design. The heart of the course is learning how to use the language UI to communicate to users in a way that’s concise, natural, and intuitive.

Users are people: We are interacting with people not robots, so it’s important to understand the human emotion and perception side of UX design. Issues like value, simplicity, personality, delight, trust, and performance must be part of the design equation. Many inexperienced designers overlook these important issues, and design purely from the mechanical point of view.

Practical: UX design is a practice, not a subjective art. UX design isn’t hard if you use the right tool for the job. You can do this! You will learn practical techniques that you can actually use on your project. And you’ll get straight answers to your questions. (So no, it doesn’t depend!)

Audience: Software professional teams, especially those who are inexperienced with design. None of our courses require any prior design training or experience, and we strive to achieve the above goals without getting too wonky. (If you can’t use it in practice, we don’t discuss it!)

Essential but not basic: While the workshop doesn’t require design experience, it isn’t basic or just for beginners. Professional designers with decades of experience have taken this workshop and greatly benefited from it. If, for example, you have excellent design skills but have trouble selling your designs to your team, this class is for you!

While there are similar UX design workshops, none of them take this same approach. See for yourself:

Where are workshops offered?

UX Design Essentials Workshop is offered onsite only. Train your entire team at your location according to your schedule. Contact us for more information.

What is the cost?

$15,000 per team (for three days) or $10,000 (for two days), plus travel expenses. We offer a 25% discount to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

We are starting a new project—does that change anything?

Hosting a workshop for your entire team will be a great start for a new project! We can use your new project for all the workshop exercises to help get things started. If you prefer, we could have a 4 – 5 day “intensive” workshop, which covers the same material but the exercises have no time limit.

We are short on time—do you recommend the two-day workshop?

Having delivered both versions many times, we strongly encourage teams to have a 3 day workshop or even a 2.5 day workshop if pressed for time. Doing so allows us to cover all the material without feeling rushed. If your team can’t spare an extra day, we strongly recommend starting 2 day workshops at 8 am and finishing at 5:30 pm, with a working lunch. We will need the extra time.

What is the workshop project?

We will work with you to customize the workshop exercises to use your product. There’s no better way to satisfy your goals than to apply the workshop material directly to the problems you need to solve. At the end of the workshop, your team should have made many significant improvements and have a clear understanding of your remaining challenges and how to address them.

Can we customize the workshop content too?

Yes, we are happy to customize the content to better suit your needs. One standard variation is the “Persuasive” version, for teams (such as technical communication) that need to persuade others on how to improve the design instead of designing themselves. Here are some topics that we have included in the past:

  • Persuasive UX
  • Redesign review
  • Mobile design
  • Designing for trust
  • Errors, warnings, and confirmations
  • Icon design
  • Dashboards
  • Accessibility
  • Globalization, localization
  • Designing for security
  • Ribbons
  • Wizards
  • Search and search results
  • Reports
  • Help and user assistance

We might have a project going on during the workshop—is that a problem?

No, in fact that is normal. We appreciate that most teams can’t shut down completely for onsite training so we expect that some participants might have to leave to attend to urgent matters.

Who is the instructor?

All course material created and presented by Everett McKay.

How large are the workshops?

Invite as many people as you like, up to a maximum of 20 participants.

What materials are provided?

All participants receive an electronic copy of the course materials in pdf format for their personal use. All participants who complete the workshop will receive a certificate of completion.

For more information and availability, please contact training@uxdesignedge.com.

UX Design Essentials Workshop customers include AllScripts, Anadolu University, Analog Devices, ANSYS, Bayada, Booz Allen Hamilton, Citrix, CVS Caremark, Cybage, Discover, Dot Foods, Dream Town, eScholar, F5 Networks, Farm Credit Services of America, FlipKart, GTECH, InnovMetric, IFF, LitePoint, Manwin, MedPro Systems, Menards, NCSBN, NewEgg, Northrop Grumman, RDO Equipment, Rockwell Automation, SAC Capital, Tencent, Ultimate Software, and US Bank.

My company contracted with Everett for the onsite UX Design Essentials Workshop and followup consulting to assist with an application redesign project. The workshop and followup consulting were extremely effective and from a company perspective the ROI was off the charts. Everett provided a key advisory role and worked directly with our project team. His involvement had a huge impact on the success of our project. We are very pleased with the effort and final outcome and we will be using Everett’s design principles and services on all future projects.

Greg Ungemach
Hilltown Systems

UX Design Essentials Workshop is one of the best training I’ve attended in my career. Everett takes user experience and cuts right to the most important thing: making informed decisions. He takes fairly difficult concepts and makes them accessible. I feel very confident in applying what I’ve learned—something rare for a 4-day workshop. This workshop has completely changed my outlook on UX design.

Dan Loeffler
Hilltown System

Everett conducted a 3 day User Experience Design Essentials Workshop at our Pune office. It was a “fast-paced” workshop with an excellent mix covering concepts, principles, design process, and hands-on exercises. Attendees were from our product creation team with varied experience. Everett’s ability to connect to audience and make every attempt to answer queries from broader UI areas is commendable. Workshop exercises were carefully selected from our current products. It helped us to gain confidence in how easily these UI principles can be used in our daily work. I am excited towards applying these further to make our products more intuitive and easy to use.

Jaydeep Gaikwad, Senior Manager Software Development

Everett gave us great tools to rationalize our UI design decisions. The UX Design Essentials Workshop will definitely help us make choices with confidence, even though we have access to very limited user feedback.

Sebastien Hudon
InnovMetric Software

I recently hired Everett McKay to teach two UX Design Essentials Workshops here at CVS Caremark. These courses were attended by many of our IT developers with the hope that they could then improve the user interfaces on several of our large IT software applications. In fact, several of these applications were integrated into the classroom exercises and labs.

The results were outstanding! Our students raved about him and learned a tremendous amount of information in a short time. Comments like “This was one of the most beneficial, knowledgeable and entertaining classes I’ve ever taken in my career” and “I can’t think of anything in the class that won’t get put to use” were typical of our students’ feedback after the class. Personally, I found Everett to be very organized, thorough, and truly concerned about making sure that all of our students learned the material so that they could apply it right away on the job. I strongly endorse Everett as a top-notch instructor and would gladly hire him again to teach at CVS Caremark.

Phil Skepnek
Sr. IT Training Consultant. CVS Caremark

After searching for a comprehensive UI/UX class, which wasn’t solely meant for art-oriented personnel, we found the UX Design Essentials Workshop offered by UX Design Edge. This course featured a solid mix of process, design and business-related materials which our cross-functional team of developers, business analysts, and managers could relate to and employ. Throughout the custom 3 day course our team was always engaged and looking forward to the next topic as Everett deftly delivered the training material.

UX Design Essentials Workshop was informative and comprehensive and Everett’s ability to accommodate our broad requirements made it even more enjoyable. The confidence in our decision to use UX Design Edge for UI/UX training was cemented by Everett and his abilities along with the value offered by the content and the positive reaction to the training by a large group on non-designers. Everett and UX Design Edge would be first on our list for future UI/UX training classes.

Farid Noujaim
Manager Enterprise Content. GTECH

Everett McKay’s UX Design Essentials Workshop was hands down the best training I have ever attended. The content-rich course covered a wealth of subject matter that will undoubtedly be useful in my career as a web designer. Everett was able to present the art of design and the technical side of UI in a manner that respects the human element. Now I have a better grasp on how to design more intuitive user interfaces without sacrificing functionality.

Jesse C. Alba
CVS Caremark

Everett provided a fast-paced course that covered many important UX topics that are directly useful in our day-to-day work. The combination of lectures and exercises was very effective at highlighting the practical aspects of applying UX principles. I can see real and immediate application of the knowledge gained during this training.

Imran Riaz

As a software developer for nearly 14 years, I have a strong focus on creating software that is maintainable from a developer perspective. However, Everett’s outstanding UX Design Essentials Workshop quickly gave me much more insight into the perspective that matters most in business—the customer’s.

Loaded with visual examples from real user interfaces, his clear and concise treatment of UX design principles was fun and convincing. Everett energized the course with brief hands-on exercises to maximize retention of the principles and practices taught. Development teams from our company were invited to demonstrate our software to the other attendees, encouraging impromptu brainstorming sessions. Everett kindly offered his own expert advice as to how the user interface could be simplified.

The design exercise on the final day of the workshop gave us all an opportunity to put what we learned into practice through a redesign of the user interface for one of our product’s top customer scenarios. Not only did I gain experience applying the techniques we learned, but I was also able to meet and work with a lot of great new people.

I’d highly recommend Everett’s workshop to any business wanting to tailor their products to the needs of the widest possible audience and rapidly expand their reach into new markets.

Carmine Hetrick

The three-day UX Design Essentials Workshop taught me a lot about all aspects of the design process, such as communication, UI elements, interaction, the creative process, web design, scenarios, etc. Everett communicated his knowledge with simplicity and clarity, with a touch of humor at times. As a web designer, those three days proved to be fruitful and will undoubtedly help me in my future projects. Thank you, Everett.

Kim Maurice
Manwin Canada

UX Design Essentials Workshop was very helpful in improving my web and UI design process. As an experienced visual designer, I often get caught up with current web design trends and forget that the user must have a simple, functional, and useful experience on our site. This class has helped me develop proactive tools that I can use to determine if my design will meet our users’ expectations as well as our style and brand expectations BEFORE I start my visual design process. I found in particular that understanding the concept of scenarios and personas was very important and may completely change my workflow!

Genevieve Nadeau
Manwin Canada

We knew we had a challenge with our current web-based business system because training alone takes about 6-10 hours per employee. During his onsite UX Design Essentials Workshop, Everett was able to break down our current program, identify its weaknesses, and educate us on how we can make it more intuitive. We couldn’t be happier with the insightful training he provided our team in the short timeframe. I have the utmost confidence that during our rewrite of the program, we will be able to make it easier and reduce the training time greatly.

Brandon Dahl
RDO Equipment Company

I came to this workshop with very little knowledge of user interfaces; I basically thought I knew what “I liked” but didn’t have any guidelines to what good UI design elements consisted of. Our company is starting to rewrite our CRM and we needed a better understanding of UI design before we got started. Our old design was functional but our users needed extensive training for them to utilize all the features our CRM provided. UX Design Essentials Workshop couldn’t have come at a better time for our team; we’re now on the same page and our design principles are consistent. Everett, thank you!

Brian Bergeron
RDO Equipment Company

Everett was a true pleasure to work with. I set out in search of a training course that would teach myself and the designers I work with to better understand the user’s experience. After speaking with other companies that have strict programs, I was thankful to find Everett. He tailored his UX Design Essentials Workshop presentation and exercises to exactly what we needed.Overall, the training course was extremely helpful and I would recommend UX Design Edge to anyone out there.

Mary Scalzitti
Dream Town

I wanted an expert to teach my team UX design “by doing” and immediately applying to our site. Everett was the perfect trainer for the job. He took the time before the training to meet with us to really understand the site and our needs. He came in prepared with case studies of our site and used them to reinforce UX concepts. I highly recommend him to other organizations looking to learn UX through a hands-on, pragmatic approach.

Tammy Spangler
National Council of State Boards of Nursing

For more information, please contact info@uxdesignedge.com

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