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What to learn something new about UX design? What to hear an interesting, provocative perspective? Tired of hearing the same old…stuff? If so, you have come to the right place!

Each month, UX Design Edge offers FREE webinars on a variety of provocative, important topics. Here are the upcoming webinar dates:

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Previous webinars

Recordings of previous webinars.

  • CX Design for UX Designers—yes, customer experience is a thing
  • Design patterns vs. guidelines—and why good guidelines win big
  • Lean-er value propositions
  • Beyond sketching features: UI design as natural, intuitive conversations
  • Why I hate your responsive website
  • I’m agile as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore
  • Effective MVPs—minimal viable products on agile teams
  • Streamlined Cognitive Walkthroughs—How to evaluate our own UIs for intuitiveness
  • Designing for Panic: When intuitive interactions aren’t enough
  • Main instructions—the best design tool you probably never used
  • Eight Steps to an Intuitive UI—The book
  • Eight Steps to an Intuitive UI
  • Designing Bad: 14 simple tips on poor UX from Walter Baddesignenberg
  • Pointless empathy: Walking a shoe in another person’s mile
  • Mislead by research—How user data isn’t always right
  • UX design for founders: How to design an amazing MVP, without time, money, or even design talent
  • Introducing Lean-er UX: Getting the benefits of lean, with techniques your manager will actually let you use
  • How to ACE the UX design job interview (and how to give that interview)
  • Great UX design—why it matters and how to get it
  • Six UX insights all developers and managers must know
  • Learning the right lessons from Steve Jobs

We can present any of these webinars to your team for a modest cost (sorry—not free!). Each is approximately one hour—or 75 minutes with time for questions, making them perfect for a “Lunch and Learn” or other team events. Contact us if you are interested.

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