• SofwareProfessional

    You are a software professional

    You are a project manager, business analyst, software developer, tester, writer/editor, or beginning designer.

  • StarkeUI

    You are working on a project

    that needs a good user interface to be successful. But you aren’t an experienced UX designer and nobody else on your team is either.

  • TroubledUI

    Your product’s user interface

    is becoming increasingly unintuitive, complex, and unattractive, and requires a lot of training and technical support. Your customers expect to be immediately productive.

  • UXDE2

    What you need

    is someone who understands your needs, who speaks your language, and who can help your team learn practical design techniques that they can apply right away.

  • Classroom

    UX Design Edge courses

    focus on a user-centered design process, design principles, making designs intuitive and simple, effective design feedback and teamwork

  • TrainingOptions

    UX Design Edge offers

    cost effective UX design options: onsite (to train your entire team), online (low cost, at your convenience), or public.

UX Design Edge offers five design training options

  1. Attend User Experience Design Essentials. This three-day course gives you the practical essentials to make solid decisions quickly and confidently to create a great user experience.
  2. Host User Experience Design Essentials Workshop at your company. This fun, fast paced, hands-on two or three day workshop gives you the practical essentials to improve your design skills. Covers roughly the same material as User Experience Design Essentials, except that you learn by applying the material directly to your app or site instead of a traditional lecture-based class.
    Doing mobile design? Consider UX Design Essentials for Mobile instead.
  3. Host User Experience Design Essentials for Managers at your company. You ship your team’s culture, so a great user experience must start at the top! Targeted specifically for company executives and team managers, this one or two day version of User Experience Design Essentials is completely focused on helping your management team better manage, lead, and influence UX design; giving effective design feedback; and fostering a team culture the encourages and rewards great design.
  4. New! Host a “virtual onsite” workshop at your company. Want to improve your team’s UX design skills, but don’t have a lot of time or training budget? These fast-paced virtual workshops focus on developing specific skills in a way that is very simple, focused, cost effective, and is optimized for a virtual format. They are very collaborative, so they work best for team members (up to 30) are in a small number of locations (ideally one) so that they can work together on the many “hands on” exercises.
  5. New! Take a virtual or on-demand class. These online classes give you the practical tools and techniques you need to make better design decisions. Typically an hour long and attractively priced, they are a great way to improve specific design skills. Virtual classes are scheduled and allow you to participate in the discussions, whereas you can take on-demand classes at any time.

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