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Everett McKay is a highly experienced, sought-after UX design speaker and has given many highly rated keynotes, talks, tutorials, and workshops at UX design and developer conferences throughout the world. His depth of experience, plus his technical background (Masters of Science in Computer Science from MIT) gives him a unique, practical perspective on design. Everett has a command over many areas of UX design—from project management and process; to high-level intuitive, simple, and delightful design concepts and flows; to getting the details right.

Everett McKay presenting “Designing for Trust and Confidence” at Interaction 14, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Why send your team to a conference? Instead, hire Everett to present at company events or team meetings such as a Lunch and Learn or team-based training. He will inspire your team to improve its design skills, try new design tools and techniques, and challenge challenge conventional UX design thinking. Our promise: You will hear a fresh, new perspective—not another tired presentation of the same old stuff.

Everett McKay presenting “Learning the right lessons from Steve Jobs” keynote at World Usability Day Silesia 2015.


$3500 if delivered onsite (plus travel expenses), or $2000 if delivered virtually. Most talks are around 60 minutes—75 minutes if you would like to reserve plenty of time for questions.

Past talks

Here is a sample of some of Everett’s recent talks and conference workshops. Note the wide range of subjects.

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