UX Design for Entrepreneurs

You have a great idea for a product that solves a real problem. You have created a business plan, performed competitive research, mocked up the key features, got financial support, and started to assemble a great technical team to develop it. Success is just around the corner, right?

Perhaps. While you have handled the business and technology angles, have you objectively thought your project through from your customers’ point of view? Your users—the people who determine your product’s success—will never see your business plan.

Let us review your product concept and plans with an objective eye to make sure that users will love your product idea as much as you do. Get a reality check to find product concept problems early while the opportunity and funding are still there.


We will review your project concept and plans the following keys to success objectively:

  • Validate your target users—who will really buy and use your product?
  • Validate your top scenarios—what will those users really do with your product? Are you really satisfying user goals or just enabling tasks?
  • Verify your product concept—will your product provide enough value so that users will really buy and use it?
  • Review your plans to look for the UX design classic mistakes—have you really covered your bases?
  • Confirm that your “proof of concept” actually proves your concept.

If anything comes up short, we’ll make recommendations and suggest solutions or alternatives. Solving a problem mechanically isn’t enough—don’t make this classic mistake! 


A report with an overall impression of the product concept, along with a complete list of any potential problems found with their priority and recommended solutions or alternatives. We recommend wrapping the design review with a conference call to discuss the results.

UX Design Essentials Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Would you like to train your entire team how to make good design decisions before your start your project? Start on the right foot by hosting a custom UX Design Essentials Workshop at your company.


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