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You are starting a new project or improving an existing project, and your new design is anywhere from a concept, proposal, spec, wireframe, prototype, MVP, to a released product. While your confident the design provides awesome features, you want to make sure it has a great user experience too.

Let’s do a design review to get an independent, expert confirmation to build confidence that your project is on the right track. All our design reviews are scenario based, which means they are quick, efficient, and performed from the customer’s point of view. (Normally, you provide the scenarios in advance, but we can help you create effective scenarios and personas as needed.)

Remote design reviews

While we recommend the best review format to achieve your goals, our favorite starting point is a remote design review, which is typically completed in a live two-hour session. We perform these scenario-based reviews with your team using GotoMeeting. That way, your team not only gets the review feedback, but understands the process and thinking behind it—and of course can ask questions as we go. You will be amazed how much we can get done in only two hours.

With our team, Everett reviewed our user interface using a scenario-based approach, where he quickly identified problem areas and asked probing questions. He made us think through things we had not considered before and as a result we were able to get great value in a short space of time, leading to an improved user experience and better product.

George Turck, Technical Director
MDA Property Systems

Detailed design reviews

If you prefer a deeper, more detailed review with a formally written summary, let’s do a detailed design review. We start these with a quick walkthrough of your product using GotoMeeting, along with a discussion of your design review objectives. Based on that, we apply your scenarios plus our experience and expertise to find usability problems and area for improvement. Prepare to be amazing at what we will find. Our findings are summarized in a formal report and presented with a conference call with your team.

Level of detail

We recognize that nobody is going to love your product because it uses the right shade of blue or conforms to the right capitalization style. While we believe that details matter, they don’t matter yet until your product’s fundamentals are solid. Consequently, we focus on the most significant design issues—delivering value and enabling the top scenarios—and save the details for later. (That said, if you want the details, we are happy to provide that level of feedback on request. We know the UX design guidelines cold and have an excellent eye for detail.)

Want to train your team?

Not happy with your internal design reviews? Let’s do a half-day Effective Design Reviews virtual workshop! The first half of the workshop covers the tools and techniques for effective design reviews, and the second half applies them to your project. Here, you get the benefits of a remote design review, plus learn how to do them on your own. For more information, check

We are a design review authority!

Our remote design reviews have an international clientele. Everett has given his Effective Design Reviews and Persuasive UX talks at major international UX conferences.

After Effective Design Reviews at UX Scotland 2015.

Selfie after Effective Design Reviews at UX Scotland 2015.

We have been working on our product for over an year through various iterations establishing value to our customers. While there is general agreement between the beta users and the product developers and managers about the functionally and information delivered through our application, its user experience has been the elephant in the room. As a founder, I face these challenges: The UI design is difficult to explain to users and UI improvements are difficult to prioritize in the product development efforts. As we get closer to launch, there’s an unsettling feeling that the product meets the needs but something is missing. Will customers come back after the initial excitement dies down? What will be the adoption, churn … how can we address that? Many of these can be attributed to UX.

Through remote design reviews, Everett has helped us look at our product with a fresh perspective. He was able to identify important design problems that our customers couldn’t express in words but might leave us if we don’t get it right. I strongly recommend Everett’s remote design reviews to any product manager or entrepreneur as early as possible in their product life cycle.

Anand Karasi, Founder
Huna Makia


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