Design Principle & Guideline Reviews

You have an existing product, prototype, design proposal, or spec and would like to make sure that it conforms to common design principles and guidelines. Doing so will help make your product feel “intuitive” by being easy to understand and consistent with software standards, feeling simple and natural, and meeting user expectations. Following design principles and guidelines makes your experience stand out while fitting in.

Who better to review your product for guidelines compliance than the person who wrote them?


While we can review your design to address any specific concerns you have, we recommend looking for guideline and design principle problems in the following areas:


  • Control selection
  • Control usage


  • Menu bars, toolbars, context menus
  • Ribbons


  • UI text
  • Style and tone
  • Personality
  • Help content


  • Error messages
  • Warning messages
  • Confirmations


  • Keyboard (including shortcuts)
  • Mouse and pointers
  • Direct manipulation
  • Forgiveness
  • Touch and pen
  • Accessibility

Windows and pages

  • Windows
  • Pages
  • Dialog boxes


  • Page flows
  • Wizards


  • Layout, alignment, focus, visual hierarchy
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Icons and graphics
  • Animations and transitions


  • Performance and responsiveness


A report with an overall impression of the product, along with a complete list of any problems found with their priority and recommended solution. Often the best way to illustrate guideline problems is with “guideline makeovers”—showing the before and after designs. We recommend wrapping the design review with a conference call to discuss the results.


For more information, please contact


For more information, please contact

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