Design Makeovers

You have an existing product, design proposal, or spec and would like to improve the interaction, task flow, and visual appearance of the design. Let us perform a design makeover to help you make it as good as it can be.


We’ll review the screens for your product’s top tasks. For each screen, we’ll check for:

  • Use the appropriate controls and defaults.
  • Good use of text instruction and control labeling.
  • Focus, flow, visual hierarchy, and balance.
  • Simplicity, discoverability, guideline compliance.

If anything comes up short, we’ll make recommendations and mockup a proposed alternative or two.


A report with an overall impression of the product, along with a set of Before and After makeovers. The After screenshots will either be wireframes, text mockups, or modifications of the original screenshots, which ever is the most cost effective. Our artists can create full fidelity, pixel perfect mockups as well, but doing so is much more expensive. We recommend wrapping the design review with a conference call to discuss the results.


For more information, please contact


For more information, please contact

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