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Welcome to Everett’s Interaction Design Blog

UX Design Edge is all about helping teams with minimal design resources (usually none!) do their best work, primarily through interaction design consulting and training. Consequently, I will focus the blog around this theme. If you are a non-designer who wants to learn about design and help your team deliver the best product UX it can, you’ve come to the right place.

To accomplish this goal, I plan to focus the posts on the following subjects:

  • Getting started in design
  • Understanding basic design principles and guidelines
  • Using design tools effectively
  • Improving poor design
  • Appreciating great design
  • Getting from bad UX to good UX
  • Getting from good UX to great UX
  • Doing design makeovers
  • Answering the interesting interaction design questions

For the last two subjects, I need your help. If you have simple design makeover or interesting interaction design questions, and you don’t mind sharing, please send them to me!

Beyond this, I have two more goals:

  • Post something new every Monday.
  • Maintain a sustainable pace.

A sustainable pace is important. The world doesn’t need another abandoned blog.

Please stay tuned. This is going to be fun!

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