UX Design Essentials Workshop really made me understand that the development of our apps should be based on the users’ perspective. User experience is very important and this class pointed it out in many ways, especially by making me see that app as our users do—and therefore much differently. This class is awesome! Everett delivered it with superb understanding.

Motolani Oyinloye, IT Project Manager
GT Bank
I had a wonderful experience in understanding what UX really is. UX Design Essentials Workshop was practical and real, hence enhances my understanding of the course. It’s not too theoretical—it’s very hands on.

Ebenezer Awhanjinu, End User Support
GT Bank
With our team, Everett reviewed our user interface using a scenario-based approach, where he quickly identified problem areas and asked probing questions. He made us think through things we had not considered before and as a result we were able to get great value in a short space of time, leading to an improved user experience and better product.

George Turck, Technical Director
MDA Property Systems
UX Design Essentials was all good! Everett's examples and real-world experience was helpful to reinforce his points. It was extremely useful to build up the exercises and finish with the paper prototyping.

Sean Boyer, Developer
MedPro Systems
UX Design Essentials made me really think about our product and what we are doing right vs. the things we can improve. Color schemes, for example, are really among the last things you should worry about.

Katie McCluskey, Implementation Specialist
MedPro Systems
UX Design Essentials was excellent and gave me a new way of looking at design. During the class, I thought about our website and evaluated it using the design principles I learned. I now realize that our site was designed by a programmer and it shows. Thank you for the excellent, helpful class. I will apply the tools and techniques to my future projects.

Jeff Bernier, Programmer/Analyst
MedPro Systems
UX Design Essentials makes you rethink your design assumptions and break down the steps to create a good design. Everett provides useful information about how users act and perceive a product. My big takeaways are to simplify my design, design for my users (not myself), design for people, and use design guidelines and principles. Thank you!

Lianna DeVries, Implementation Specialist
MedPro Systems
I really enjoyed Don't Design Like a Programmer. My approach to application design has changed. Everett keeps things moving while also allowing ample time for discussions. Highly recommended!

Brandon Anthony
MedPro Systems
For someone who has been primarily focused on the backend database, Don't Design Like a Programmer was an extremely informative, enjoyable workshop. Thank you!

Shobana Raghu, Senior Consultant
MedPro Systems
The Don't Design Like a Programmer workshop was definitely an eye-opener after many years of designs being functionality-driven. The expectation that users should be able to figure out what to do without resorting to a manual or help is different from where I first started in programming.

Karen Minarovich, Programming Manager
MedPro Systems
The Don't Design Like a Programmer workshop was fast paced and packed with useful information. It will be worth reviewing the key concepts afterwards, but having such an interactive process make the class enjoyable and rewarding that remembering the lessons will take little effort. Sketching and prototyping are highly valuable tools. Thanks so much for the class!

Eric Huddle, Database Developer
MedPro Systems
The Don't Design Like a Programmer workshop not only taught me how to make intuitive, user-centered design decisions for mobile apps, but also for any project or task.

Kieran Ungemach
MedPro Systems
Everett's Don't Design Like a Programmer workshop opened the door to intuitive UIs. While maximizing time and value, this class simplifies your workflow and helps you find issues before they arise. I recommend this workshop to software professionals of all levels.

Erin Quigley
MedPro Systems
Don't Design Like a Programmer had a really good pace. The interaction among the teams was very helpful in driving home the lessons. I can see where it can be applied to real-world design. Fun class!

Lynn Maxwell, Programmer
MedPro Systems
Don't Design Like a Programmer was very informative. It was definitely an interesting and different way to learn about UX design.

Alexander Fayerman, Programmer
MedPro Systems
Don't Design Like a Programmer gave a lot of very useful information about user interfaces. I am definitely returning to work with a greater knowledge of what users should experience.

Bianca Lindsley, Implementation Specialist
MedPro Systems
Don't Design Like a Programmer was a great workshop! It provided new insights into designing for a successful user experience, and showed how to work through the design details quickly.

Pat Warren, Implementation Specialist
MedPro Systems
UX Design Essentials Workshop was very helpful in providing practical examples that related to our business. Other UX trainers and consultants that we have encountered have always worked through exercises using technology that we are all familiar with, such as shopping websites and home entertainment systems. The most valuable thing in Everett's approach was seeing how to apply these techniques directly to our products in our company culture.
I definitely feel more confident that I have a contribution to make in design reviews and the review exercise was very helpful for finding the right language to convince people that I know will be resistant.

Sarah Irving
Waters Corporation
I thoroughly enjoyed UX Design Essentials Workshop, and it has certainly helped me. Everett's knowledge, and examples particularly, helped to enforce the training around design principles and guidelines.

Richard Sharp
Waters Corporation
Everett is a great presenter and trainer! UX Design Essentials Workshop is comprehensive and based on his professional experience, and supported by clear and relevant real-life examples. The whole team has been enlightened by this training.

Paul Hill, Principal Technical Writer
Waters Corporation

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