Thanks again for the help all those years ago with UX Design Essentials. I now have the internship of my dreams. I really appreciate you giving me the insight to become a better designer and really kickstarting my career—whether you knew it or not.

A college student who attended UX Design Essentials
Coming from a developer background, Don’t Design Like a Programmer really showed me a different way to view the process of designing an app. I will definitely keep these new processes in mind when designing future apps.

Don’t Design Like a Programmer was great! It made me think differently and not think only about features.

Don’t Design Like a Programmer gives a fresh perspective on design to focus less on layout and more on the personal conversation that an app provides.

Don’t Design Like a Programmer workshop was helpful, with many quick tips on UX design with a practical example. Thank you! It was enjoyable and fun!

Gretchen Franco, Business Analyst
Farm Credit Services of America
UX Design Essentials Workshop was very effective in exposing me to different secrets of design, user experiences, value propositions, and especially the key design principles. In these four days, I am now equipped to adequately review designs, analyze and make recommendations. The delivery was excellent and the materials were helpful—especially for intuitive design.
The team exercises helped to show how people can effectively work together in delivering the same goal even when they have different points of view. I recommend this training to everyone who designs and interfaces with users.

Ben Ofusey Ofusunselu
GT Bank
UX Design Essentials Workshop was very insightful and I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues. The team exercises were very helpful and this workshop will help my design work. Thanks a lot, Everett!

Jude Ogbuibe
GT Bank
UX Design Essentials Workshop content rich, engaging, and user focused. I enjoyed every bit of the lectures and as a developer, it has changed the way I will develop applications for my customers.

Olusola Awopetu
GT Bank
Everett has an eye for good design, and displays convincing knowledge about user experience design, and knows how to engage his audience. The group exercises were very relevant and impactful.

ChungLee Ochieze
GT Bank
UX Design Essentials Workshop is an eye opener that brings to life the thinking behind successful designs of mobile devices, especially their interaction. All developers should attend this training before creating a product or solution.

Olusegun Balogun, Team Lead Employee Experience and Engagement
GT Bank
UX Designing Essentials Workshop was very interesting and I had a great time. The exercises helped me understand what was being taught. This workshop will definitely make me a better designer and business analyst. Thank you Everett! We hope to meet you another time.

Faith Afolabi-Jombo, Business Analyst
GT Bank
UX Design Essentials Workshop was a very enlightening training. It taught me a lot of things to watch out for when building an application—especially the essence of a website and mobile app being intuitive and usable without requiring training.

Bukolami Agboola, IT Business Architect
GT Bank
After four days, I am highly confident in my UX design skills. UX Design Essentials Workshop was informative and enlightening!

Qudus Jinadu
GT Bank
UX Design Essentials Workshop was eye opening. Everett took the time to break down and explain all the important concepts and theory. After four days of training, I can boldly say that I have learned a lot. Truly designing with users in mind isn’t just a concept but a reality.
Thank you Everett!

Tobi Lasisi
GT Bank
UX Design Essentials Workshop was great! The delivery was awesome, very interactive, and the participants were always involved.

Victor Iseyemi
GT Bank
UX Design Essentials Workshop really made me understand that the development of our apps should be based on the users’ perspective. User experience is very important and this class pointed it out in many ways, especially by making me see that app as our users do—and therefore much differently. This class is awesome! Everett delivered it with superb understanding.

Motolani Oyinloye, IT Project Manager
GT Bank
I had a wonderful experience in understanding what UX really is. UX Design Essentials Workshop was practical and real, hence enhances my understanding of the course. It’s not too theoretical—it’s very hands on.

Ebenezer Awhanjinu, End User Support
GT Bank
With our team, Everett reviewed our user interface using a scenario-based approach, where he quickly identified problem areas and asked probing questions. He made us think through things we had not considered before and as a result we were able to get great value in a short space of time, leading to an improved user experience and better product.

George Turck, Technical Director
MDA Property Systems
UX Design Essentials was all good! Everett's examples and real-world experience was helpful to reinforce his points. It was extremely useful to build up the exercises and finish with the paper prototyping.

Sean Boyer, Developer
MedPro Systems
UX Design Essentials made me really think about our product and what we are doing right vs. the things we can improve. Color schemes, for example, are really among the last things you should worry about.

Katie McCluskey, Implementation Specialist
MedPro Systems

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