UX Design Essentials was a great class! I truly enjoyed the analysis of user's scanning patterns of on-screen content, appropriate use of controls, and elevating important content. All of these together will give the user a much smoother user experience.

Brad Bohannon, Software Engineer
Southern Company
UX Design Essentials was a great course for learning practical techniques that can be implemented right away. I was looking for a class that thought more than just theory, and this class definitely delivered.

Lauren Schmidt, Software Developer
Southern Company
I highly recommend UX Design Essentials Workshop to anyone who designs or documents user interfaces. Everett is a very engaging instructor and presents the information in an organized and understandable format.

Paul Sitko, Senior Technical Writer
Waters Corporation
Thoroughly enjoyed UX Design Essentials Workshop! Everett was engaging, knowledgeable, and humorous. I learned several techniques that I can use immediately. Thanks!

Bob Burns, Technical Writer
Waters Corporation
UX Design Essentials Workshop was a very useful experience. It has helped me to not think like a programmer when designing and updating UI components in the applications I work on. I've also embraced the idea of getting user feedback during the design phase.

David Gormley, Senior Software Engineer
Waters Corporation
UX Design Essentials Workshop was thoroughly engaging and jam-packed with useful and insightful inspiration. Everett presented several techniques that we can implement now, and other techniques we can build towards. Overall, he delivered a complete toolbox!

Very informative and eye opening! UX Design Essentials Workshop shows you that everyone is capable of good UI design. Very good examples accompanied with progressive exercises. By the end of the three days, you'll be doing your own complete UI design and usability testing. Highly recommended for beginning UX designers!

When we started this workshop, I had the expectation to learn how to sell my designs to developers and management. At the end, not only did I learn that, but I also learned that how I was designing was fundamentally wrong. Stop making personal arguments, you're not designing for yourself!

Dragos Mardare, Software Evaluator
Waters Corporation
UX Design Essentials Workshop taught me everything I need to make my designs even better, plus things I hadn't even thought of!

Manny Costa, Technical Writer
Waters Corporation
UX Design Essentials Workshop was excellent! It turned a previously intimidating subject into something I am eager to start using with my teams. I've already recommended it to friends from other companies.

Hanna Cage, Principal Technical Writer
Waters Corporation
UX Design Essentials opened the doors to better ways of designing applications that are easy to use and intuitive for our users. The class helped me learn how to communicate to stakeholders more effectively based on user-centered design principles.

Sam Ramaji, UX Architect
UX Design Essentials was very useful for me. Not only did I learn better practices for laying out user interfaces, but I learned valuable techniques for our design teams. I expect to be more efficient with the new tools that I learned in this class.

Joshua Lothrop, Applications Manager
Control Technologies
Everett’s UX Design Essentials is a great way to get the user-centered design process in one practical, condensed workshop. It is current information that can be used immediately in projects. The opportunity to practice the teaching during the class is extremely helpful to solidify some of the principles and techniques and be able to use them again while referencing the slides back at the office.

I would definitely recommend this course as a great introduction on user-centered design and digital interaction design specifically.

Geeta Gubba, Leadership Development Program Engineer
Rockwell Automation
I probably learned more about UX/UI in the first two days of UX Design Essentials than I have in the last six months on my own. The hands-on exercises were invaluable and helped me come up with concrete plans to improve UX at our company.

Alex Cavender, Web Developer
Union Street Media Interactive
With the new toolset that I have from UX Design Essentials, I’m confident that I can make significant improvements to not only our user experience, but the design process at Control Technologies. If you or your organization has no UX/UI training, this course is a must have.

Chris Vintinner, Technical Manager
Control Technologies
As the only professional designer at my company, it was great to have my process and priorities validated. Communicating these to developers is a tough sell, but coming from the “guy who wrote the book on great UX design” is easier to swallow. Great stuff!

Bill Schuttler
Vroman Systems Inc.
UX Design Essentials was a comprehensive introduction to user experience and its importance in modern software development. I feel the knowledge gained in the class will result in a measurable improvement to our product.

Bill Orpet, Senior Developer
Vroman Systems Inc.
Coming from a team of designers, it was great to see the design process from another perspective. I enjoyed the lectures—a lot of useful insight into designing for mobile and why it is important.

Justin Tyler, Instructional Designer
Moorehead Communications
UX Design Essentials is a great class to learn the fundamentals of good UX design. The class provides a great framework as well as examples that are practical and relevant.

Sam Varghese, Senior Product Manager
Abbott Infomatics
UX Design Essentials was a great intro to designing and producing great UIs and UXs in a modern environment. Everett was very knowledgeable and friendly, and kept us engaged for the full 3 days of this quick yet comprehensive course. Highly recommended for any programmer or non-expert designer to help get started or build a new design methodology.

Eric Aseves
Vroman Systems Inc.

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