Imagine you had someone on your side to show you how and where your product could be improved, so that your customers and users enjoy using it. For our startup, it is critical that we provide a positive user experience from the very start. In fact, that is one of our key value propositions. No matter how technically superior a product may be, if users don't like using it, they simply won't buy or use it.

Everett gave us some great insights on how to think like our users, quickly identified where our product was creating a poor UX, and also commended us where we got it right. He gave us the confidence to target a great UX rather than opting for the easy way out. If you have a new product or service, I believe it is crucial to include UX right from the start and we found Everett to be a huge help, and I strongly recommend him.

Cathal Curtis
Founder, Saretime Ltd
I found Everett's User Experience Design Essentials training fantastic! By guiding us through a myriad of real-life examples, he articulated very clearly what the real mission of every product should be: to effectively communicate through the language of UI, exactly as in a verbal conversation between designer and user. This approach has been a critical eye-opener for all the products we use daily, and a guide for me as designer-novice about how to avoid common pitfalls and to delight our users at first sight. If previously I just liked UX Design, now thanks to you… I love it!

Raffaele Limosani
Senior Program Manager, Microsof Corp, Skype Division
Everett's three-day UX Design Essentials Workshop was declared as "the most beneficial training I've taken since joining the firm" by one participant, and nearly every participant has felt prompted to contact me, even 4-6 weeks after the workshop to say "thanks" once again for arranging such valuable training.  I now have another group asking if we can bring him back to teach the workshop again for a new group of staff. It was three days packed full of interactive instruction and hands-on activities that really helped show the value of crafting a deliberate user experience.

William Key
Booz Allen Hamilton
In his UX Design Essentials Workshop, Everett brought a very different perspective towards UX, which was very relevant and easy to put to practice. The best part was it worked for varied audience–managers, developers and UI specialists. I would strongly recommend his sessions to any organization looking for an easy to understand and to a great extent transformational UX guidance.

Kiran Kembhavi, Training Manager
Cybage Software
We have been working on our product for over an year through various iterations establishing value to our customers. While there is general agreement between the beta users and the product developers and managers about the functionally and information delivered through our application, its user experience has been the elephant in the room. As a founder, I face these challenges: The UI design is difficult to explain to  users and UI improvements are difficult to prioritize in the product development efforts. As we get closer to launch, there's an unsettling feeling that the product meets the needs but something is missing. Will customers come back after the initial excitement dies down? What will be the adoption, churn ... how can we address that? Many of these can be attributed to UX.

Through remote design reviews, Everett has helped us look at our product with a fresh perspective. He was able to identify important design problems that our customers couldn't express in words but might leave us if we don't get it right. I would strongly recommend Everett's remote design reviews to any product manager or entrepreneur as early as possible in their product life cycle.

Anand Karasi, Founder
Huna Makia
For a startup, a great user experience is so important. Every customer counts, and the closer you can get to the correct solution on the first try, the better off you will be. By focusing on specific scenarios, Everett was able to quickly hone in on what our users need, as well as what they don’t. Even simple products begin to get complex over time, and Everett's UX design review was a great way to think about different solutions to make our product better.

Chris Patton, Founder
User Experience Design Essentials is an excellent course for those entering the world of service design, as well as those who design for a living. It prompted me to think about the user's perspective from a different angle and going forward we are not only discussing these concepts, but challenging our staff to design with the user in mind.

Sheryl Jones, Sr. Associate, Client Support
Booz Allen Hamilton
Everett conducted a 3 day User Experience Design Essentials Workshop at our Pune office. It was a “fast-paced” workshop with an excellent mix covering concepts, principles, design process, and hands-on exercises. Attendees were from our product creation team with varied experience. Everett’s ability to connect to audience and make every attempt to answer queries from broader UI areas is commendable. Workshop exercises were carefully selected from our current products. It helped us to gain confidence in how easily these UI principles can be used in our daily work. I am excited towards applying these further to make our products more intuitive and easy to use.

Jaydeep Gaikwad, Senior Manager Software Development
Everett McKay's UX Design Essentials course is a tour de force that manages to pack all the processes and tools you might need, along with a wide range of examples and practice exercises. The message is straightforward; "effective human communication is the key." Putting that into practice in the rapidly-evolving world of technology, however, is no easy task. Mr. McKay holds it all together by underlining the importance of the design process and demonstrating that the more things change (e.g., the move to 'mobile first' design), the more his tenets holds true.

Andrés Richner
UX Design Essentials is a much more holistic approach to design than I was expecting. I've learned quite a bit in this course, but most of all, I feel better equipped to make good UX decisions as well as discuss and justify those decisions to my team and our stakeholders.

Anne Mahaffey, Web Tools Engineer
Analog Devices
I have been doing user experience design for several years, and fell into the field by accident. This course has been useful at both a functional and detailed level of best practices in UX. Practical exercises combined with real-world examples of good vs. bad UX provide insights for how I can influence good design principles on my team at work.

Hunter Peden, UI/UX Business Analyst
If you are like me, you may leave your tools all over the place. What Everett and his 3-day User Experience Design Essentials class has done is replace and sharpen all of the tools in my UX toolkit. I'm leaving the class feeling fully equipped to bring great process to projects and teams, and ultimately deliver usable, delightful, and exceptional user experiences.

Eric Guess, UX Designer
UX Design Essentials exceeded my expectations in terms of both rigor of the material and the degree of student engagement. I have a much stronger understanding of UX design principles in an abstract sense, but I'm also already seeing direct application to my current project.

Jason Cockrell, Software Engineer
Analog Devices
UX Design Essentials gave me an excellent introduction to some fundamental UX tools. The course emphasizes practice over theory and I came away with a variety of ideas and techniques that I can put to use immediately. As someone who came in with little UX background, I found that working through different design challenges with a sample product to be particularly helpful, as it showed very clearly how considering UX from the beginning can help focus a project and inform the design process. I would definitely recommend this course to people getting started in UX or people who find UX becoming part of their job.

Cameron Britt
As a visual designer, UX Design Essentials was very beneficial for learning more about the functionality of my designs. I love how interactive and practical this class was. I'm anxious to dive into my new job on a UX design team, feeling confident that I can make informed decisions and an experience that is great for the user.

Emily Sabaka, Visual designer
Rockwell Automation
UX Design Essentials gave me a great understanding of user experience related design concepts. It also gave me some valuable tools and a solid decision framework to help remove my own personal biases when designing and help me design with the user in mind.

Adam Borus, Business Analyst/Project Manager
As a student looking to break into the field, Everett's UX Design Essentials seemed like a good idea to get me started. Well, I was blown away--the course went way beyond just the "essentials" of UX and dove into the deep stuff that can take your app from good to amazing. 

He presents everything in an easy-to-understand way while providing valuable real-world knowledge. After taking this course, I'm confident in jump starting my career in UX and will be able to work and converse tactfully with UX professionals.

Nick Bernstein, Jr. User Experience Designer
I was given the opportunity to attend UX Design Essentials in Atlanta, Georgia. Everett gave me great tools to rationalize my UI design decisions. The three-day course helped me make decisions with confidence. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Everett provided great examples and practical exercises, and covered a wide range of material in a short amount of time!

I learned techniques to achieve optimal usability by user testing, personas, and scenarios. I highly recommend this course.

Sarah Stutts, Interface Designer
Motion Industries
As an HCI academic, user researcher, and UX trainer, I've realized how teaching-learning activities based on Everett McKay's UI is Communication brilliant and comprehensive book can produce positive sustainable pedagogical impacts in terms of HCI/UX/usability literacy and maturity for university students, professionals, practitioners, managers, and policy makers. I would strongly recommend reading and engaging with Everett McKay's UI is Communication comprehensive book to the global community of individuals involved in human-computer interaction (HCI), user experience (UX), and usability, including computer scientists and software engineers, behavioral and cognitive scientists, UX professionals, usability professionals, designers, and end users.

Dr. Kaveh Bazargan
Assistant Professor in HCI@SBU-Global UX Researcher/Specialist- Strategy/UX/Usability Benchmarking, Consultant, Trainer
Everett gave us great tools to rationalize our UI design decisions. The workshop will definitely help us make choices with confidence, even though we have access to very limited user feedback.

Sebastien Hudon
InnovMetric Software

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