Everett's UX Design Essentials Workshop was fun, informative, and incredibly helpful. I learned a great deal about UX design and usability testing, along with their importance—not just through the lectures but through the hands-on exercises as well. I know that I will apply this new knowledge to my future work and design much better products!

Steve Picone, Software Engineer
L-3 Communications
Mr. McKay's understanding of the material for UX Design Essentials is very strong. We worked through the basics of UX design (with many examples, both good and bad) and I am now better armed to start attacking our future design activities.

Rob Hunt, L-3 Engineer
L-3 Communications
UX Design Essentials Workshop was concise and well thought out, making the instruction very easy to understand. It takes many things that I've felt was only intuitions on design, and put them into a strong and useful context.

Steve Yen, Software Engineer
L-3 Communications
Everett provided powerful and practical design techniques that can be used by engineers with little or no design expertise. His recommendations will no doubt improve the design process at our company.

Thaddeus Konicki, Senior Systems Engineer
L-3 Communications
Everett was extremely helpful in getting our organization oriented in the basics of UX design. We are falling short in this area and I now feel like we have a basis of understanding and a vocabulary to improve that!

Pat Sherlock, Solutions Architect
L-3 Communications
I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about UX design training, but I was very surprised and delighted that Everett was able to address user experience design from all aspects of the process, including my specialty: mechanical engineering. I appreciated his perspective, experience, and helping us to move into the 21st Century!

Mike Gartland, Mechanical Engineer
L-3 Communications
UX Design Essentials was one of the most clear, concise, and powerful workshops that I have attended. Everett made a subjective topic down to earth and substantially much more objective. As a bonus, Everett gave the best Lunch and Learn talk I have ever attended at L-3.

Tim Kowalczyk, Principal Software Engineer
L-3 Communications
The UX design process of using scenarios, personas, and value propositions is a great direction for design. The design principles and guidelines will be very helpful in my next design project. Usability testing opened my eyes to good and bad design.

Marc Thomson, Software Engineer
L-3 Communications
Everett's workshop was very interactive and well organized, with a touch of humor. He helped me understand the basic concepts of UI design. A+ rating!

Tara Meeham
L-3 Communications
I found UX Design Essentials Workshop to be a valuable source of ideas and training that will help our team improve its products. This course defined vague concepts like "intuitive" UIs in terms of simple but concrete concepts that can be objectively reviewed and implemented. (This was one of the most important takeaways.) I also learned a number of design and test review concepts that I am eager to employ. I wish I had taken this training two years ago!

Ron Gebhardt, Technical Director
L-3 Communications
UX Design Essentials Workshop takes a common sense approach to UX design. The class is applicable to novice and expert designers. Everett's pacing is perfect.

L-3 Communications
UX Design Essentials Workshop was a very worthwhile and beneficial course. I learned a lot about UX design and appreciate that I now have new tools to use when making and evaluating other's designs. I recommend this workshop for all software engineers, developers, and their managers.

Ed Veres, Systems Engineer
L-3 Communications
UX Design Essentials Workshop was fast paced but filled with practical, hands-on exercises. This really helped our team understand the concepts. Everett provided great insights. He used examples to help use change our thought process or understand a concept.
My favorite was the use of scenario-based design. It made obvious why our discussions were previously mostly around personal opinions. We now have the tools we need to improve our design process.

Nat Teissier, Software Engineering Manager
L-3 Communications
Everett's workshop had a great balance of instruction and exercises. I think that more than a few people in the training started out as skeptics. However, his "no nonsense" approach to explaining the techniques was effective. A few people remarked during the breaks how eye-opening the training has been and how much they appreciated it. It definitely showed us a lot of things we could do better as an organization.

Lindsay Matteo, Software Engineering Manager
L-3 Communications
UX Design Essentials Workshop made me think about UX design in ways I never thought of before. The ideas presented were simple yet very powerful. I think everyone could benefit from taking this workshop.

Bob Rosier, Principal Engineer
L-3 Communications
UX Design Essentials Workshop was a comprehensive look at analyzing the user experience of company products and real-world examples. The use of company products makes the examples easy to understand and resonates more with me as a developer. The workshop also covered a variety of topics which will greatly help improve our product performance.

Michael Zarro, Software Engineer
L-3 Communications
Everett's UX Design Essentials Workshop builds design intuition in teams quickly, and provides practical heuristic models in which to develop, evaluate, and refine user experiences to delight customers.

Systems Engineer
L-3 Communications
UX Design Essentials was a great class! I truly enjoyed the analysis of user's scanning patterns of on-screen content, appropriate use of controls, and elevating important content. All of these together will give the user a much smoother user experience.

Brad Bohannon, Software Engineer
Southern Company
UX Design Essentials was a great course for learning practical techniques that can be implemented right away. I was looking for a class that thought more than just theory, and this class definitely delivered.

Lauren Schmidt, Software Developer
Southern Company
I highly recommend UX Design Essentials Workshop to anyone who designs or documents user interfaces. Everett is a very engaging instructor and presents the information in an organized and understandable format.

Paul Sitko, Senior Technical Writer
Waters Corporation

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