As an HCI academic, user researcher, and UX trainer, I've realized how teaching-learning activities based on Everett McKay's UI is Communication brilliant and comprehensive book can produce positive sustainable pedagogical impacts in terms of HCI/UX/usability literacy and maturity for university students, professionals, practitioners, managers, and policy makers. I would strongly recommend reading and engaging with Everett McKay's UI is Communication comprehensive book to the global community of individuals involved in human-computer interaction (HCI), user experience (UX), and usability, including computer scientists and software engineers, behavioral and cognitive scientists, UX professionals, usability professionals, designers, and end users.

Dr. Kaveh Bazargan
Assistant Professor in HCI@SBU-Global UX Researcher/Specialist- Strategy/UX/Usability Benchmarking, Consultant, Trainer
Everett gave us great tools to rationalize our UI design decisions. The workshop will definitely help us make choices with confidence, even though we have access to very limited user feedback.

Sebastien Hudon
InnovMetric Software
My company contracted with Everett for the onsite UX Design Essentials Workshop and followup consulting to assist with an application redesign project. The workshop and followup consulting were extremely effective and from a company perspective the ROI was off the charts. Everett provided a key advisory role and worked directly with our project team. His involvement had a huge impact on the success of our project. We are very pleased with the effort and final outcome and we will be using Everett’s design principles and services on all future projects.

Greg Ungemach
Hilltown Systems
UX Design Essentials Workshop is one of the best training I’ve attended in my career. Everett takes user experience and cuts right to the most important thing: making informed decisions. He takes fairly difficult concepts and makes them accessible. I feel very confident in applying what I’ve learned—something rare for a 4-day workshop. This workshop has completely changed my outlook on UX design.

Dan Loeffler
Hilltown System
Thank you for the great UX Design Essentials class in Redmond last week. I found the class very useful and timely as my team is currently developing the prototype of our medical product. The lessons learned will enhance the customer experience and trust, which is key to our success.

I am a firm believer in scenario-based engineering and your class provided great examples and practical exercises. I enjoyed your presentation style and interaction with the participants. You covered a lot of material, while promoting lively discussions in the class.

Khalid Siddiqui
CEO, eMobileCare Corporation
Great course! I especially enjoyed the real world application using sites/items. I feel like I'm walking away thinking about the UX of everything from my work project, to the design choices Jeep made on my car. I can't get away from it! I will look into your more advanced courses. Thanks!

Tiffany Griffiths
I had the luxury of taking Everett's UX Design Essentials course in Durham, NC with a few others at our company. It was a great course and he had good teaching style. My favorite was the discussion on responsive/mobile design. A few weeks after the course, there are tangible UX design practices that we put in to practice and are excited to see the effect they have on our users.

Keyur Patel
I just returned from Everett McKay's 3 day UX Design Essentials class. Immediately, my team and I are able to incorporate the techniques and tools we acquired to improve the usability of our products. We learned how to make better design decisions faster. The ROI on this class is definitely high—we'll ship better products faster with less rework. I highly recommend this class.

Tim Keogh, Lead developer
Immediately after taking User Experience Design Essentials with Everett McKay, I was able to apply the knowledge that I gained. My manager and peers are already looking to me as their expert on UX and I have already completed my first highly successful usability testing. Everett teaches this course in a way that is easy to understand and apply immediately. I look forward to taking additional courses with him in the future.

Jessica Underwood
Business Systems Analyst, DeVry Education Group
I just finished the best training course I have ever had in my 20+ years of working in IT. I had to adjust my schedule twice to get to it and I only regret not making this course a priority to take it sooner. I promise that you will leave knowing so much more about UX design and being able to apply what you learned the very next day.

The course is not full of just “chatter” about UX Design but real rules and guidelines that can be applied to your company. Everett takes you from a mere suggestion of a project through multiple group exercises that utilizes the building blocks he provides to creating a final visual mock-up design. Then it is evaluated by your class and his expert eye. This is NOT one of those courses that you just sit and see countless slides and stare at your phone wishing the day was over. His "UI is Communication" book is also a great resource for when you get back to work.

Thomas Tanner
Business System Analyst / UX Designer
I just wanted to say that you really made a impact on Dennis. He has adopted the WWEM do (what would Everett McKay do) methodology.

Dennis' Manager
A major security software vendor
As a software developer for nearly 15 years, I have a strong focus on creating software that is maintainable from a developer perspective. However, Everett's outstanding UX Design Essentials Workshop quickly gave me much more insight into the perspective that matters most in business—the customer's.

Loaded with visual examples from real user interfaces, his clear and concise treatment of UX design principles was fun and convincing. Everett energized the course with brief hands-on exercises to maximize retention of the principles and practices taught. Development teams from our company were invited to demonstrate our software to the other attendees, encouraging impromptu brainstorming sessions. Everett kindly offered his own expert advice as to how the user interface could be simplified.

The design exercise on the final day of the workshop gave us all an opportunity to put what we learned into practice through a redesign of the user interface for one of our product's top customer scenarios. Not only did I gain experience applying the techniques we learned, but I was also able to meet and work with a lot of great new people.

I'd highly recommend Everett's workshop to any business wanting to tailor their products to the needs of the widest possible audience and rapidly expand their reach into new markets.

Carmine Hetrick
Senior Software Developer, ANSYS, Inc.
Taking UX Design Essentials was one of the most substantial courses I've taken. As a traditional graphic designer for nearly 20 years, I was doing some UX in my design, but Everett helped me take my UX skills and user-centered design instincts to the next level.

Through his course I learned techniques for achieving optimal usability, including contextual inquiry, user testing, paper prototyping, personas, scenarios and more. As the author of the Windows User Experience Guidelines for Microsoft and a gifted teacher, Everett made the course comprehensive, informative, engaging, and perfectly paced.

Steven Galatz
St Paul, MN
In his course, User Experience Design Essentials, Everett McKay provides students with a lively, thorough grounding in the art and science of building sites and applications that are, to use the common term, “intuitive.” The course starts with fundamental matters, such as “Why do you care?” and in three days progresses to the point where the students are designing and testing prototype applications. Since attending this class, I’ve been much better able to contribute to the UX design discussions that are a regular part of my work. I can’t recommend this course highly enough.

Neville Carson
AT&T Consumer Digital Experience
I had a great experience taking the UX Design Essentials course offered by UX Design Edge. It gave me the confidence to make decisions related to UX design in my current work and know I was making the right choice.

I have attended other seminars and courses on UX and most were more theory or research based. This course was much more "hands-on" and better in terms of getting me started in UX design, giving me more confidence in my design decisions and having reasons why to back it up should I need to influence others within my team.

Son Duong
Software Group Manager, Cisco Systems
UX Design Essentials exceeded my expectations. As a result of this class, I feel that I have a much better understanding of the importance of employing good design principles. I learned that you can quickly assess a design by listening to someone explain its purpose to determine what's needed or not. The emphasis on scenario-based design and always thinking about how and why users perform tasks is upper-most in my mind. I loved the "learn by doing" approach and found the exercises an effective means of learning the design principles taught in the class. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to improve their designs. I recommended host a UX Design Essentials Workshop to my boss.

Jeanne Monahan
Senior Technical Writer, Waters Corporation
I really enjoyed your class! UX Design Essentials really helped me grasp the basics of UX development processes that I need as someone very new to the field. Thanks for getting me on my way to introducing UX design practices to my company, but most importantly to government-related software development programs. Thanks again, you’re a great resource!

Victor Solares
User Experience Lead, Ultra Electronics ATS
After searching for a comprehensive UI/UX class, which wasn’t solely meant for art-oriented personnel, we found the UX Design Essentials Workshop offered by UX Design Edge. This course featured a solid mix of process, design, and business-related materials which our cross-functional team of developers, business analysts, and managers could relate to and employ. Throughout the custom 3 day course our team was always engaged and looking forward to the next topic as Everett deftly delivered the training material.

UX Design Essentials Workshop was informative and comprehensive and Everett’s ability to accommodate our broad requirements made it even more enjoyable. The confidence in our decision to use UX Design Edge for UI/UX training was cemented by Everett and his abilities along with the value offered by the content and the positive reaction to the training by a large group on non-designers. Everett and UX Design Edge is first on our list for future UI/UX training classes.

Farid Noujaim
Manager Enterprise Content, GTECH
I recently hired Everett McKay to teach two UX Design Essentials workshops here at CVS Caremark. These courses were attended by many of our IT developers with the hope that they could then improve the user interfaces on several of our large IT software applications. In fact, several of these applications were integrated into the classroom exercises and labs.

The results were outstanding! Our students raved about him and learned a tremendous amount of information in a short time. Comments like “This was one of the most beneficial, knowledgeable and entertaining classes I’ve ever taken in my career” and “I can’t think of anything in the class that won’t get put to use” were typical of our students’ feedback after the class. Personally, I found Everett to be very organized, thorough, and truly concerned about making sure that all of our students learned the material so that they could apply it right away on the job. I strongly endorse Everett as a top-notch instructor and would gladly hire him again to teach at CVS Caremark.

Phil Skepnek
Sr. IT Training Consultant. CVS Caremark
Thank you for the 10 Steps to a Great Mobile Experience class in Montreal today. I must say that coming to the course was a great opportunity and well worth it.

In taking your class, there are questions about User Experience that were not really things that I had ever considered. I am confident that armed with this new found knowledge that I shall design great apps that deliver great user experiences.

Solomon Squire
Montreal, Quebec

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