UX Design Essentials Workshop was very helpful in providing practical examples that related to our business. Other UX trainers and consultants that we have encountered have always worked through exercises using technology that we are all familiar with, such as shopping websites and home entertainment systems. The most valuable thing in Everett's approach was seeing how to apply these techniques directly to our products in our company culture.
I definitely feel more confident that I have a contribution to make in design reviews and the review exercise was very helpful for finding the right language to convince people that I know will be resistant.

Sarah Irving
Waters Corporation
I thoroughly enjoyed UX Design Essentials Workshop, and it has certainly helped me. Everett's knowledge, and examples particularly, helped to enforce the training around design principles and guidelines.

Richard Sharp
Waters Corporation
Everett is a great presenter and trainer! UX Design Essentials Workshop is comprehensive and based on his professional experience, and supported by clear and relevant real-life examples. The whole team has been enlightened by this training.

Paul Hill, Principal Technical Writer
Waters Corporation
UX Design Essentials Workshop was excellent, with many practical exercises and valuable information that can be used to developer better products and design. The workshop is very well organized and presented.

Maria Kalkcheva, Technical Writer
Waters Corporation
Lean-er UX Workshop was very informative and eye-opening. I enjoyed it to the bitter end! There are a number of principles and thought patterns that I will definitely use in the future. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Patrick de Nobrega, Graphic Designer
Taking Lean-er UX Workshop was very beneficial. I have gained much more insight about lean than before. Of all the UX workshops I have attended, this has been one of the most useful as well as interactive UX workshops. Thank you very much!

Ernesto Joseph, Senior Mobile and Website Design Specialist
Digital Outsource Services
Lean-er UX Workshop is a new perspective on agile and Lean UX. It challenges the way I think of agile. The presentation was absorbing, engaging, and highly informative. The tasks reinforced the concepts discussed in a practical and meaningful way.

Jonty Jedeikin, Developer
Tranzact Software
The Lean-er UX Workshop presented an interesting perspective on UX and techniques to facilitate the process. Learned alot on Lean-er UX. Really enjoyed the interactive sessions! Awesome workshop!

Mohammed H, Senior BA
Lean-er UX Workshop was value-packed, with clear ideas and mechanisms for implementation. The workshop was well-designed, with excellent time-keeping to achieve its goals and sufficiently realized with practical, hands-on exercises to help you understand the material. Thank you for a really useful workshop to help achieve the goals of lean with a realistic process!

Lara Pietersen, Senior UX Analyst
Mirum Agency
The Lean-er UX Workshop gave a much better and more achievable methodology of integrating into real-life projects and being successful with strategy and metrics.

Marli Ritter, UX Lead
I found the Lean-er UX Workshop to be insightful, practical, and extremely good at addressing the corporate template of approaching products and their design with a flawed, preconceived list of features. It truly helps you to realize how to better draw value from discussing, planning, and designing products that work in a relevant way.

Ulrich Schroeder, Senior UI/UX Designer
Too often we rely on the conventional wisdom of others without question. Our industry is based on validation and doing what works. Clients demand Lean but rarely understand the implications.
After taking the Lean-er UX Workshop, you'll see that it's OK to call out what doesn't work about your process. Lean-er UX puts the "rapid" into rapid prototyping. Everett's Law of Agile "Potentially shippable code is never thrown away" really resonates with me. Thanks! It was a really great workshop.

Daran Mayhew-Ferreira, UX Consultant
EOH MC Solutions
Loved it! I really enjoyed the Lean-er UX Workshop. I found it really insightful and will definitely take alot of what I learned to my projects. Thank you!

Justin Evans, Lead User Experience & Design Consultant
EOH Microsoft Coastal
I found the Lean-er UX Workshop to be very valuable as a developer trying to transition into a more design-focused role. Was interested in knowing how to apply development tactics into a design sprint, and how to present or sell ideas and designs without having a functional product.

I have attended Everett's talks in the past and always walk away feeling more empowered.

Darko Arnautovic, Senior Software Engineer
The Lean-er UX Workshop was interactive and it challenges normal design conventions with impressive and innovative results. The team exercises were fun too!

Kirsty Nater
Everett's UX Design Essentials Workshop was fun, informative, and incredibly helpful. I learned a great deal about UX design and usability testing, along with their importance—not just through the lectures but through the hands-on exercises as well. I know that I will apply this new knowledge to my future work and design much better products!

Steve Picone, Software Engineer
L-3 Communications
Mr. McKay's understanding of the material for UX Design Essentials is very strong. We worked through the basics of UX design (with many examples, both good and bad) and I am now better armed to start attacking our future design activities.

Rob Hunt, L-3 Engineer
L-3 Communications
UX Design Essentials Workshop was concise and well thought out, making the instruction very easy to understand. It takes many things that I've felt was only intuitions on design, and put them into a strong and useful context.

Steve Yen, Software Engineer
L-3 Communications
Everett provided powerful and practical design techniques that can be used by engineers with little or no design expertise. His recommendations will no doubt improve the design process at our company.

Thaddeus Konicki, Senior Systems Engineer
L-3 Communications
Everett was extremely helpful in getting our organization oriented in the basics of UX design. We are falling short in this area and I now feel like we have a basis of understanding and a vocabulary to improve that!

Pat Sherlock, Solutions Architect
L-3 Communications

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