Best Wishes for 2017 from UX Design Edge

Thank you for being a great customer and for an excellent 2016—let’s make this year even better!

My theme for 2016 was to try new material using new formats—especially virtual delivery of workshops and webinars. I did many workshops, classes, and talks, and attended many UX conferences. Outside of the US, I did workshops in Canada (Toronto), UK (Edinburgh, Cambridge, Manchester), South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town), and Cameroon (Douala). I have been keeping track of my activities on Facebook ( Check it out!

My focus for 2017

I have several new training and consulting plans for 2017, so let’s get right to them.

UX Design Edge Webinar

About to start a webinar.

New! Eight Steps to an Intuitive UI Book

I’m thrilled to announce that Eight Steps to an Intuitive UI will be my next book. The text and illustrations are mostly done, and it’s almost through editorial. It’s looking fantastic!

I hope this book will be a UX design game changer. Conventional wisdom is that intuitive UI is personal and subjective, and therefore requires significant usability testing to determine. This conventional wisdom is wrong! As Eight Steps to an Intuitive UI proves, there is an objective, measurable definition of intuitive plus eight specific, objective attributes to look for. This book is designed to be “mobile first”, as I focus on mobile technology first and desktop second—plus assume that you will likely read it on a mobile device. I’m sure you will agree that the approach used by Eight Steps is much more practical and relevant than Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think! and Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things. It’s time for us to move on!

The back story behind the book will be the subject of my next webinar on Friday, January 13.

BTW: The full title is still tbd. Eight Steps to an Intuitive UI will be the subtitle.

New! Lean-er UX Workshop

Lean-er UX Workshop is now part of my onsite workshop lineup (in addition to UX Design Essentials). The goals of lean UX are to develop products that our customers actually want while minimizing risk, make better decisions while minimizing waste, and get teams to work more effectively. “Lean-er” UX Workshop is my radical reinterpretation of how to achieve these goals—but using more proven, practical tools and techniques. It nails down murky lean details like having clear objectives for MVPs, having a clear separation between MVPs and experiments, and giving precise criteria for the assumptions that require validation. It assumes that you need to make the best decisions you can, but with little time and minimal user research.

If you have tried using lean but were disappointed with the results, Lean-er UX Workshop is for you!

Learn more about this new workshop at Be sure to check the testimonials! To sharpen the workshop, I would love to get your thoughts on Lean UX by completing my Lean UX survey.

UX Design Essentials Workshop

UX Design Essentials Workshop is my most popular course and is still my top recommendation for most teams. A new twist: I have a customized version for technical communication teams, where the focus isn’t on designing but on giving persuasive design feedback (to reduce the need for technical communication.) I would be happy to create other versions for special situations such as hardware teams—let me know.

New! Virtual UX Design Classes

These one-day virtual classes will help you significantly improve your UX design skills in a way that is simple, focused, cost effective, and optimized for a live virtual format. These classes are based on the best workshops I have delivered to major international UX conferences. The exercises are hands-on and collaborative, so they work best when you take the class with one or two other team members.

Here are the virtual class options currently offered (all one day, $599 per person with group discounts):

  • A Practical Introduction to UX Design
  • Great Mobile UX Design
  • Scenarios+Personas/Persuasive UX+Effective Design Reviews
  • Lean-er UX Workshop: Getting the Benefits of Lean, with Techniques Your Manager Will Actually Let You Use
  • Don’t Design Like a Programmer—Great UX Design for Developers in a Hurry
  • Beyond Sketching Features—UI Design as Natural, Intuitive Human Conversations

To register, view the schedule, or get more information, check

New! Virtual Onsite UX Workshops

Like the virtual UX design classes, these workshops are based on material I have delivered to UX conferences. The difference: They are team-based, priced per team (instead of per person), and can be customized to use your projects for the exercises. There are more topics to choose from, plus full and half day formats.

In addition to the previously mentioned topics, here are some of my favorite virtual workshops:

  • Eight Steps to an Intuitive UI (half day, $2,500)
  • Effective MVPs (half day, $2,500)
  • Effective Design Reviews (half day, $2,500)
  • Persuasive UX—Giving and receiving effective feedback (half day, $2500)

For the workshop descriptions and more information, check

Remote design reviews

My remote design reviews are amazing and I had several excellent ones in 2016. If you want to get a quick unbiased expert assessment of where your user experience is now and what you need to get to the next level, this is the quickest, most cost-effective way to do it. The typical remote design review takes two hours and costs $400. This is the best deal in UX design. Why wait?

New! Free Webinar schedule

I started free monthly hour-long webinars in 2016, where I provocatively take on the UX design status quo. My personal favorites include Mislead by research—How user data isn’t always right, I’m agile as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore, Pointless empathy: Walking a shoe in another person’s mile, Why I hate your responsive website, and of course, Designing Bad: 14 simple tips on poor UX from Walter Baddesignenberg. Did I mention these are provocative?

Walter Baddesignenberg

One of Baddesignenberg’s many design secrets. UX webinars will never be the same.

Here are some of the upcoming topics:

Please let me know what topics interest you by completing my Webinar Topic survey. To register and from more information, check

Best Blog Posts

I have a huge backlog of excellent blog topics, but unfortunately haven’t had much time for blogging. My only blog post for 2016 was UX vs. UI for a Medical App, which (intentionally vaguely) summarizes a consulting engagement for a medical app. I was fascinated by this engagement, as it is a simple app with surprisingly many critical user experience challenges. Given all the talk about how UI is not UX, this engagement was 100% focused on the user experience without any discussion of the user interface. Check it out!


It’s early yet, but I am already confirmed for four North American conferences:

  • March 27, AIM Infotec, Omaha NE, Introducing Lean-er UX Workshop
  • June 5, UXPA, Toronto ON, Introducing Lean-er UX Workshop
  • July 11, HCII, Vancouver BC, Introducing Lean-er UX Workshop
  • July 17, AHFE, Los Angeles CA, Effective Design Reviews and Introducing Lean-er UX Workshop

With any luck, I will present at European and African conferences as well. Hope to see you there!

That’s it for now. Please stay in touch during 2017!

Best wishes,

Everett McKay

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