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I’m thrilled to be a presenter and sponsor of the fourth UX Scotland conference on June 8 – 10, 2016. I was a presenter last year and gave my Effective Design Reviews talk. It’s an excellent conference and I’m glad to be back.
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Selfie from Effective Design Reviews, UX Scotland, Edinburgh 2015.

Delightful user experiences

My talk this year is Delightful user experiences: how to design UIs that are polite and forgiving, and have a great personality. Here is the listing:

The user experience quality bar is rising—people are walking around with great experiences in their pockets, and they are starting to expect the same with their other software. Being good enough—solving problems with mechanical usability—is long past its “best before” date. Today, users want to enjoy using their software and feel good about it emotionally.
This tutorial will explore what it means for software to be delightful and the specific attributes that help achieve this. I will explain how to connect emotionally to users, and cover topics like special experiences, personality, forgiveness, performance and attention to detail. There will be 2 hands-on group activities to give it a try.

Awesome stuff!

Delight is important, but poorly understood

I believe this is an important topic because we talk about delightful user experiences all the time as if delight were meaningful and well understood. It’s not. When I hear people talk about “bells and whistles” and “bright, shiny objects”, I know we are heading down the wrong road. Anything that accurately reflects those descriptions is more likely to annoy or distract than delight.
On a personal note, I strongly believe that UX design is an objective discipline, not a subjective art. One of my top goals in UX training and design is to take as much subjectivity and personal opinion out of the conversation as I can. Ironically, I often describe what I do as “Helping teams create great user experiences that are intuitive, simple, and delightful”, which, at least initially, appears to be about as subjective and personal as one can get. I have put a great deal of effort into nailing these topics down–giving them specific, objective definitions and attributes, and developing tools and techniques to for teams to achieve them.

About UX Design Edge

UX Design Edge helps teams create better user experiences through practical design training and consulting for mobile, web, and desktop applications.

Our specialty is to help software professionals create modern, intuitive, simple, and delightful user experiences, using tools and techniques that are practical with limited time and budgets. We are based in Vermont, but our clientele is global.

Here are testimonials from recent customers:

My company contracted with Everett for the onsite UX Design Essentials Workshop and followup consulting to assist with an application redesign project. The workshop and followup consulting were extremely effective and from a company perspective the ROI was off the charts. Everett provided a key advisory role and worked directly with our project team. His involvement had a huge impact on the success of our project. We are very pleased with the effort and final outcome and we will be using Everett’s design principles and services on all future projects.

Greg Ungemach
Hilltown Systems

Everett McKay was a key player in the redesign of our web application. His expert understanding of UI/UX design was critical to the success of our project. His depth of knowledge saved us from many pitfalls and also guided us to decisions that greatly improve the usability of our application. We are extremely happy with our project outcome and are certain we would not have had the same level of success without Everett’s consultation. Everett is extremely sharp and works very efficiently. Without hesitation I would recommend Everett for UI/UX related design/consultation work.

Randy Vroman, President
Vroman Systems

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See you at the conference!

Everett McKay
Principal, UX Design Edge

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