Best Wishes for 2016 from UX Design Edge

Thank you for being a great customer and for an excellent 2015—let’s make this year even better!

2015 in Review

Everett McKay's Keynote at WUD Silesia 2015

After my Learning the Right Lessons Steve Jobs keynote at WUD Silesia 2015, Katowice Poland

Here are the highlights from 2015:

  • UX Design Essentials Had 6 public classes and 9 onsite workshops, including workshops in Katowice Poland, Limerick Ireland, Pune India (2) and Bangalore India (2).
  • Conferences Presented Six UX Insights All Developers and Managers Must Know at AIM Infotec, Beyond Sketching Features at UX South Africa, Effective Design Reviews at UX Scotland, Don’t Design Like a Programmer (2) at Heartland Developer’s Conference, and Leaning the Right Lessons from Steve Jobs and Beyond Sketching Features Workshop at WUD Silesia.
  • Talks Presented UI is Communication in Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle (2), and Pune, Don’t Design Like a Programmer in Montreal, Delightful User Experiences: How to Design UIs that are polite and forgiving, and have a great personality in Raleigh/Durham, Effective Design Reviews in Chicago, plus Intuitive UI, Intuitive and Simple Mobile apps, Effective Design Reviews, and The Emperor’s New Lean here in Vermont.
  • UI is Communication book I’m still getting great feedback on UI is Communication, but sales are still sluggish. If you want to take your UX design thinking to the next level, this is the book to read! Please check it out at and for a recent review, check
  • Consulting I did a fair amount of consulting this year. My two-hour remote design reviews were especially popular.

I have been keeping track of my activities on Facebook ( Check it out! 2015 was a busy year (and I still have more events to post.) If you are interested in hosting a UX talk, please let me know.

My focus for 2016

Here are my new plans 2016:

More UX Design Essentials Workshops My three-day onsite, team-based, customized workshops remain our flagship training. These workshops are the very best way to raise your team’s design skills. I hope to do many more in 2016—to a global audience. Excited that my first for the year will be in Douala, Cameroon! Contact me if you are interested in hosting a workshop at your company.

New! “Virtual onsite” workshops Many teams are interested in onsite training, but don’t have the time (or training budget) for a full three-day workshop. I will address this need by offering the following “virtual onsite” workshops for teams (up to 20), which are based on successful workshops that I have given at UX and developer conferences:

  • Don’t Design Like a Programmer—Great UX design for developers in a hurry (6 hours, $4,000)
Focuses on making good design decisions quickly and confidently, while avoiding the poor design decisions developers tend to make. Targeted primarily at technical teams of developers and managers.
  • Beyond Sketching Features—UI design as natural, intuitive human conversations (6 hours, $4,000)
While sketching is a great design tool, the focus tends to be on the physical placement of features and mechanical usability. While necessary and important, we can do better by focusing more on the human experience through conversations. Primarily for experienced designers who want to take their skills to the next level, but new designers will benefit as well.
  • 10 Steps to a Great Mobile UX (6 hours, $4,000)
Learn the core principles for designing specifically for mobile devices and how mobile design is different from desktop design—great mobile experiences are far more than just small desktop apps and sites. Specific topics include designing for touch and small form factors, responsive design, what specifically makes a mobile app great, and mobile design guidelines and principles.
  • Effective Design Reviews (3 hours, $2,500)

    Half-lecture, half-workshop on how to conduct more effective design reviews. The lecture portion explains how to perform effective design reviews, common review problems, and their (often simple) solutions. For the workshop portion, we will apply what you have learned immediately by perform a design review of one of your team’s designs.

These workshops are practical, quick, engaging, and cost effective. You can schedule them at your team’s convenience. For more details, please visit

New! On-demand classes I’m in the process of creating on-demand classes for my favorite UX design topics. They are low cost and roughly an hour long. Here are the ones in the works:

  • Intuitive UI—What it is and how to get it
  • Effective Scenarios—The secret to making good design decisions
  • Effective Personas—The simplest way to put users into user-centered design
  • Effective Design Reviews—How to give and receive meaningful, actionable feedback
  • Effective prototyping and sketching
  • Simplicity and focus: What is it and how to get it
  • Visual design for non-designers
  • Persuasive UX: how to get your team on board and talk your boss, stakeholders, and clients out of idiotic design ideas
  • Effective errors, warnings, confirmations, and alerts
  • How to hire a UX professional—if you aren’t one yourself
  • Delightful user experiences: How to design UIs that are polite, forgiving, and have a great personality
  • Creating Well-Designed Products—Learning the right lessons from Steve Jobs (Free)
  • How to ace the UX design interview (free)
  • The Emperor’s New Lean (free)

Intuitive UI will be published this week. The remainder are in various phases of production, but should be published by the end of February. For more info, check

More remote design reviews My Effective design reviews: how to give and receive meaningful, actionable design feedback talk at UX Scotland ( was very well received. I have been aggressively promoting remote design reviews ever since and they have been consistently awesome. I’m pricing a two-hour review at $400. If you want to take your UI to the next level, a remote design review is the simplest, most cost effective thing to do. Contact me if you are interested.

New! Free webinars and office hours I will hold at least on free webinar and immediately following a free “office hour” at least once a month. The free webinar will be on a variety of my favorite topics, with about 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for questions. “Office hours” are an open discussion or Q&A on whatever topics the participants bring. Here are the topics and dates so far:

Starting with the March 18 webinar, I will choose the topics based on popular demand. Please let me know what topics interest you by completing the survey at

Lean UX I want to get into Lean UX in a big way in 2016. Look for an announcement in early April. In the meantime, I would love to get your thoughts on Lean UX by completing the survey at

Conferences It’s early yet, but I am already confirmed for three conferences:

  • March 21 AIM Infotec, Six Steps to a Great Mobile UX—and Why Responsive Design isn’t Enough
  • July 18 HCI International, Modern Heuristic Design Evaluation,
  • July 27 AHFE, Effective Design Reviews, Modern Heuristic Design Evaluation, and Beyond Sketching Features.

Hope to see you there!

That’s it for now. Please stay in touch during 2016!

Best wishes,

Everett McKay

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