Introducing Everett’s Weekly UX Poll

My blog has been on an unscheduled vacation since November 1st. This is about the time I started working on UI is Communication, and unfortunately I don’t have time to both write a book and blog. Too bad, because I have about one hundred fantastic topics in the queue.

LinkedIn recently added a Poll feature and I’ve tried a few polls on a variety of user experience-related topics. They are fun to make, fun to take, and the results are often insightful. Best of all, I can put together a good poll in a couple minutes, which is about all the free time I have right now.

So, here’s the deal: Every Monday I will post a new UX design-related poll, which you will see in the lower-right corner of the UX Design Edge site. (That’s the weak fallow area for you Gutenberg Diagram aficionados.) Please stop buy, take the poll, and check the results.

To put everything together nicely, I have registered, which will take you to an archive of the past polls.

Please participate and enjoy!

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