• By Everett McKay on May 11th, 2011
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Take the UX Design IQ Challenge

I like quizzes because they are a fun way to learn. I prefer quizzes that are challenging—so you have to know your stuff and think about the questions carefully—but not so challenging that they are impossible or trivial.

With this in mind, I’ve created the UX Design IQ Challenge. I’ve carefully selected questions that are challenging but not impossible. I hope you find this quiz to be a great way to learn, or even prepare for your next job interview.

Please give it a try!

This quiz is a work in progress. It currently has 15 questions, but I’m aiming for 30. I’d love to get your feedback on other good UX design questions or ways to improve the existing questions. I’d especially love to hear your favorite UX design job interview questions. Feel free to email me or post comments below. If I get enough material, I’d like to break this into separate targeted quizzes.

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