User Experience Interaction Design Training and Consulting

Let UX Design Edge help your team create great user experiences through practical, insightful, efficient, cost-effective design training and consulting.

Leverage our expertise in user experience design to improve your team’s skills and
make your product modern, intuitive, simple, efficient, and delightful.


Let us improve your team’s UX design skills.

Want to improve your team’s UX design skills? Our “hands on” customized, onsite UX Design Essentials Workshop will help your entire team learn the essentials in 3 days. Our one-day virtual onsite UX workshops focus on specific skills. Learn at your own pace with our one-hour, on-demand virtual classes.


Let us improve your product's user experience.

We can help you make your product great through innovative new designs, UI makeovers, visual refreshes, remote design reviews, and answering your design questions. We can even help you design your UI from scratch.

New! Lean-er UX Design Winter class schedule

Our new Lean-er UX Design Winter class schedule is now open for registration. Classes in Burlington, Redmond, Chicago, and NYC. “Early birds” save $200.

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